Talent Interview - Information on Personal Data Processing

Talent Interview is an online exam platform developed by Huawei Turkey1 R&D Wireless Development Team.

Through Talent Interview, we provide services to our customers to assist them in the evaluation of candidates and the exam/interview processes. Talent interview is used to carry out, supervise and improve the exam/interview processes within the scope of the services we provide.

With this statement, we aim to inform you about the compliance of personal data processing processes carried out through Talent Interview with applicable data protection laws, in particular the Personal Data Protection Law (“the Law”). For more information on how we process and protect personal data in deference to the data protection laws and good industry practices, you may review the Privacy Statement on the Processing of Personal Data.

If you have any questions about how personal data is processed through Talent Interview, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions via talentsupport@huawei.com e-mail address.

How do we inform the people whose personal data we collect?

Huawei has adopted the principle of processing personal data in a predictable manner and good faith in the direction of the purposes of collecting personal data. In line with this principle, data subjects are informed in appropriate channels about how their personal data is processed through Talent Interview.

The privacy/information statement prepared for Talent Interview users contains comprehensive information on which personal data of the data subjects are processed, for what purposes and legal reasons personal data is processed, the methods of collecting personal data, the parties to which the data is transferredi and how the data subjects can exercise their rights.

Necessary revisions are made in the privacy statement in line with the opinions of regulatory authorities and changes in the data processing processes.

What principles do we comply with when processing personal data?

All personal data processing activities of Huawei comply with the principles regarding the processing of personal data stipulated in applicable laws. The principles that are complied with when processing personal data through Talent Interview are as follows:

  1. Compliance with the Law and the principle of good faith
  2. All applicable legal regulations are complied with when processing personal data. The data is processed in a predictable manner for the data subjects and in accordance with the principle of good faith. Huawei acts with the principle of accountability in fulfilling its obligations determined by the Law.

  3. Being accurate and up-to-date
  4. The channels that will ensure that the information of the data subjects is accurate and up-to-date are always kept open. Necessary measures are taken to keep personal data accurate and up-to-date.

  5. Being collected for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes
  6. Data subjects whose personal data şs processed through Talent Interview are informed in a transparent and understandable way about the purposes for which their data is processed.

    While determining the purposes of processing personal data, attention is paid to the fact that these purposes are related to the work we do or the services we provide.

  7. Being adequate, relevant, and limited to the purposes for which they are processed
  8. In the personal data processing activities carried out through Talent Interview, personal data that are not related to or needed for the relevant process/service are not processed. Huawei only collects sufficient data from the data subjects to fulfill the personal data processing purpose and does not process unnecessary personal data.

  9. Being stored for the period required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are processed:
  10. Personal data collected through Talent Interview are stored for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed. After the personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose of which it is originally collected or processed; the data shall be destructed if there is no other legal reason for us to keep it.

What do we do to ensure data security?

We show high sensitivity to the security of personal data. We have high-level security measures against the danger of loss, corruption, disclosure, unlawful seizure, or alteration of the data collected through Talent Interview.

For this purpose, all necessary technical and organizational measures are taken in accordance with the nature of the data in order to ensure the security of the data. For example, intrusion detection and prevention software is used to detect and prevent possible cyber-attacks, employees' access authorizations to personal data are determined and regularly checked. Awareness and training activities on data security are frequently carried out within our organization.

A Data Processing Agreement is signed with our customers, which meets the requirements of applicable data protection laws and includes our data privacy and security commitments. In this way, it is ensured that both our customers and our company have certain obligations regarding the protection of personal data.

How do we handle data subject requests?

Data subjects can obtain information about their personal data by sending a request to Huawei. In this sense, data subjects have some rights such as the right to learn the purposes for which their personal data is used and to request correction or deletion of their data in case of any inaccuracies.

When Huawei receives a question/request regarding the processing of personal data of the data subjects, it handles this request with high sensitivity. Requests are effectively complied with by Huawei as soon as possible and the data subjects are informed.

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