Anti-Cheating Technology & AI-Assistant Features

If candidate performs any cheating activities, we will let you know what kind of cheating activities are detected during the online exam by using following multiple anti-cheating mechanisms.

Copy Paste Prevention

Candidates copy-paste activities are restricted.

Reports & Analytics

We provide deep analysis of your exams result to help you to analyze candidate capability by detailed report.

Exam Score Calculation

Calculates candidates score with Pre defined test cases, coding standards, memory usages and execution time

Knowledge Map

Generate candidates knowledge map with certain programming language concepts by analyzing candidates responses.

Cheating Activities

Clearly shows candidates cheating activities by providing screen shots of suspicious activities and calculate cheating result with AI Features.

Question Pool

Multi - Language Support

Over 3000 high-quality questions with several different programming languages created by Huawei Experts.

Customized Question Pool

For specific exams, customers can create their own question pool.

Data Safety

Companies question pool can only be accessed by company itself.

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